Thursday, November 5, 2009


Interesting election facts, In Plainfield according to papers:

Mayor Race,
  • Robinson- Briggs 4906
  • Jim Pivnichny 2103
  • Debbie Dowe 391
Gubernatorial Race
  • Corzine 6738
  • Christie 967
  • Daggett 281
Unfortunately I have not been able to find the breakdown for Assembly. (see end)
However I think the message is clear to the local Democrat Party. Out of 8000+ registered Democrats slightly more than half voted for Briggs. If all the Republican s came out and voted for Pivnichny the 1000 Democrats and/or Independents also voted for him.

BUT the significant factor is that in the Governors race the vote was true to form. Local Democrats should not ignore the fact that there were 900 less votes cast for Mayor then for Governor, and I would assume that these represented an anti Briggs core, Briggs also received on 2/3rd the number of votes that Corzine did.

Yes, as HAHA wrote she won (easily) but the message is there; enough core Democrats could not bring themselves to vote for her and her Administration. I must retract my previous comment that the protest was not at the local level. The above numbers in true one party district is significant, and only old habits prevented a complete discrediting of the local Administration. If there is no change in policy there may be a complete revolt next time. Take heed.

I join Bernice Paglia and other concerned citizens in urging the Council to return to the time honored meeting schedule. If it is a too onerous strain on the members time, they should remember that no one forced them to run for office and I am sure that their involvement was in their desire to help their community. If that is true, they should consider the public interest when deciding how often to meet.

I for one believe that the time interval lets too much important matters slip under the table. If the Council really wants to keep the Administration on the straight and narrow path, if the Council really wants prompt answers then it must realize that the present interval between meetings lets too much "slip under the cracks".

There can be no excuse for the delay in the budget no matter what Dashields says. Anyone knows that a budget is not written in stone and once accepted can be amended at anytime to represent changes in income or unforeseen expenses. To not have a budget for 50% or 75% of the year gives Administration too much leeway in expenditures and the Council no capability of intelligently considering it.

11am; Apparently the Assembly vote was more in line with the Mayoral race in Plainfield with the exception that the Independent/crossover vote Pvinichny received did not vote, and the Assembly candidates received 10% less than Briggs. The answer, disenchantment with the local party leadership.


  1. Doc,

    George Bush used every opportunity to re-enforce his beliefs. For example, when the economy was doing when when he took over, he siad we need a tax break to keep the economy doing well. After 9-11 we needed a tax break to stop the economy from sliding. When we went into a recession, he siad we need a tax break to get us out of a recession.

    In the same vein you use every number to chime the same tune: The mayors numbers look bad.

    Another one you chime daily: Go back to the old schedule. Every good or bad event proof that things were perfect under the old schedule.

    Funny isn't it?

  2. 11/7/19-11:36PM The numbers speak for themselves;if 50% of the Independent vote had taken the time to vote for Pivnichny Briggs would have lost. If Corzine received more votes then she did in Plainfield , that meant that those lost votes were a protest by party faithful who coulkd not bring themselves to vote for a Republican.

    I will contiune to "chime" for the old Council schedule because it means more public information and involvement. Transparency is only as much as is allowed.